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Finally, a workout to look forward to instead of dreading


 Say goodbye to the pain of dragging your feet to the gym and let the music move your body to your favourite groove. One hour to dance on your own and purely for yourself - your body will thank you for it!  

Keep fit with two sessions every week


 Dance your heart out every Thursday in Windsor.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Dance for Yourself?

 Dance for Yourself is a weekly lights-off chance to dance in the dark for the pure joy of dancing. We turn the lights off and the music on for one hour so that you can move to the beat without the judgement of others (or yourself!) It happens Windsor on a Thursday night from 7:00-8:00 PM. 

What Kind of Music is it?

 We aim for a little bit of everything. From swing, to dance, to world, to pop, to folk, to rock, to hip-hop, to soul, to super cheesy top 40. We like dance floor classics, and we like weird things we've never heard before. You'll hate some of it, but you'll love a lot of it. And you can always sit out for a song or shrug on the spot if anything doesn't take your fancy - it's not like anyone will see you!
Here is a music sample

How Dark is it?

 It's light enough so that you can see the silhouettes of people around you but dark enough so that you can't make out their features. We aim for a sweet spot between creating a foolproof judgment-free space, and safety! When you first walk in, it will seem really dark, but if you wait a few minutes, you'll find your eyes will adjust and you can find a spot in the room to groove. 

It Sounds Like it could be creepy. Is it Creepy?

 Nope. Dance for Yourself is a drug, alcohol and douche bag free zone. While it is dark, people dance independently and there isn't any direct physical interaction between people except those who might know each other. 

Do People go on Their Own?

 It's about half/half. Regardless, most everyone finds room on the dance floor to dance independently. Attending alone is totally normal, welcome and even encouraged! 

So What Should I Wear?

 Whatever makes you feel comfortable to dance in - sweatpants, bike shorts, your office attire, or a one-piece full-sequined leotard. The only rule is that you do need to wear clothes. 


Do People Talk?

 Here and there. But not really - the music is loud and people are there to dance, so the most verbal activity that happens is the whooping and cheering while dancing. 

Why Would I go if I'm Not a Shy Dancer?

 Because the darkness creates a certain kind of magic that forces you to forget about what you or the people around you look like so that your brain can shut off and your body can move with the beat. Stay for a session and we guarantee by the end you'll be in a dancing zone that you've never been before - or your money back! 

Is it a Bit of Scene? Who Goes to This Thing?

 Nope! Sure, the bell curve probably straddles 30-somethings, but there's generally a good mix of ages, genders, bodies, backgrounds, and dance styles smile emoticon We've had four-year-olds and over 65-year-olds, and everything in between. The beauty of the dark is that it doesn't really matter. If you want to be there, then you belong! 

What if I hate it?

 You won't. But if it turns out that it's not your thing, no worries at all, you're welcome to leave at any point and no one will notice anyway! 

What if I Love It?

 Then you can come every week, for the rest of your life.


  • Bring a Bottle of Water
  • Dress to Sweat
  • Phones and bright smartwatches are disturbing the atmosphere, please leave them in your car or keep them in your pocket. 

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Dance for Yourself

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